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Halo lamp coming to Sitges soon.


This lamp-object is a unique creation of Milan-based design firm Mandalaki. An anodised aluminium projector cut with CNC, integrates a high power LED source inside and an optical system, specifically designed to obtain a precise effect outside: a perfect color circle. The Halo lamp is the result of an optical research process carried out by its team, which aims to combine art with technology.


This product is designed to fit in the smallest possible size and with the least amount of material, all the necessary technical elements, that at the same time can be easily placed in different environments.

The lamp is composed of 3 main elements: the iron base that guarantees stability and keeps the compact dimensions, the stem, and the optical unit in anodized aluminum, worked out with CNC machine and subtly finished.


The light screening, perfect and vivid, contains an infinite range of nuances. The light is no longer digitally created by a RGB LED that mixes the colors to obtain the chromatic effect, but rather is produced by an analogic optical decomposition. A dichroic filter, suitably developed by Mandalaki, divides the pure luminous flux into an infinite spectrum of colors. Therefore, Light and color become the core of the project.


This installation that fuses art and design can be seen at the Sitges office of RARDO-Architects from June 2018.

More info on this and other projects by this office.

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