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Indirect lighting using LEDs

The lighting is one of the most versatile tools from our office of architects in Sitges, helping to create and alter the perception of the space generated by the walls and the rest of elements, generating a different look for the rooms. The latest news in energy-efficient spotlights and LEDs strips have opened a lot of ways for us architects to generate new solutions about indirect lighting, helping us to improve and to create a difference for the range of spaces and rooms from our homes.

In RARDO – Architects we are always looking for the best solutions for our clients, based in their choices and desires, to create and design houses and villas where they can enjoy life in style. Next, we will show you some examples of indirect lighting that we successfully used in our projects.


Lighting in kitchen spaces

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa
Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Lights behind the countertop

Lights hidden in cupboard

Kitchens have suffered a big transformation in recent times: from service places, they have been adopted as the very heart of the houses, the place where the modern couples have meetings and make life, even more than in the living room. ¿How to put lights right in a kitchen?  Either the professional cooks or people that only know how to boil water, have a clean and clear work zone is the main point.

The kitchen furniture, with their long cupboards, make it eady to hide LEDs lights and strips in a way that it doesn´t matter where we are situated, we always have a good amount of light making things clear and easy for us to get our hands deep into the recipes. In open kitchens without cupboards, it is no problem also, we can hide LEDs just by leaving a space between the counter and the wall, with awesome results.

Lighting in the bathroom

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa
Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Lights hidden behind the furniture

Lights hidden behind a wall

The bathrooms are sensitive spaces to design. They are rooms with a very limited area, in some cases almost residual, where we have to fit a series of elements which need a very specific space to work properly. At the same time, they are also rooms with very few (if any) natural sunlight, so they are in very much need of proper lighting.

With all these variables in mind, our architect´s office has been developing some new ideas about indirect lighting that we believe that can be interesting and thoughtful: in the first picture, we rely in the bathroom furniture to hide behind a perimeter of LEDs strips the make a dimmed lighting directly in the mirror´s area, generating a light without shadows that covers all the room, very useful for this kind of spaces.

In the second picture, for the WC, instead of the traditional built-in spotlight, we choose to use a vertical strip of light hidden in the wall, giving the area a soft dim light, leaving it in a semi-darkness of intimacy and delicacy.


Lighting in the living room.

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Subtle lighting in the walls

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Indirect lighting hide in the furniture

The right lighting of a living room may be a difficult matter. This area of the house has been transformed from a meeting point full of lamps to home cinema with big screens that need a much dim light to be confortable.

We have these concerns in mind when designing solutions for our clients, and, in our experience, indirect lighting is the best option. As you can see in the pictures, both of them designed by our Sitges team of architects, there is lots of options to confront this problem: in the first picture, the light is presented hidden in the shelves, false ceiling and under the furniture, combined with the possibility of dim the intensity of the light to adapt them for any occasion. However, in the second example, the light is integrated mainly in the TV set , above and under the wood panels that surround the screen. In this case, the indirect lighting has a rely in a couple of spotlights in the ceiling, that helps yo get more clarity if the occasion needs it.

Other LEDs possibilities

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Lights in the bedroom

Detail in the furniture

The flexibility and the small size of the LEDs strips create infinite posibilites for its use. Here you can see another examples of  lighting designed by our office: indirect light embebed in the headboard of the bed it useful to get rid of the lamps in the beside table to have more space; or a minimal warn light under the closet will give the room a feeling of intimacy.

Please don´t forget to visit the page of RARDO – Architects to have a peek of more examples of how indirect lighting can change the shape and the space generated by the arquitecture in a room.

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