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Art and decoration are linked from the very principles of both practices, art as a form of expression is developed in the search to correct a fault, to complete an empty space under which the artist proposes his vision, the decoration takes sides of these creations and uses them in the search for a space focused on the appreciation of them. That is why, from Rardo-Architects we like to highlight the presence of plastic arts in spaces and what their development can be in our designs and projects, focused on modern and avant-garde trends, which try to deliver an accessible decorative form.

Possibilities to decorate with paint there are many: One of the most characteristic is to place a large abstract painting on the sofa to decorate the living room, but we can also use it as a headboard in the bedroom, place several paintings in large series in the hall or hall , support them on the fireplace or on the floor in different sizes, use small pieces either independent or as a triptych in any area of the house. What must be taken into account, as with sculpture, is that the effect of the painting is so powerful that it will become the focus of the stay.


As for styles, you can combine classic painting with a very contemporary interior and the effect will be spectacular, although the most common in interior design is to use abstract paintings with one or two predominant tones that help the decoration of the whole. Finally, you can leave the canvas to the natural, frame it with fine or thick, decorative frame, or put a passpartout and protect it with glass (eye in this case with reflections and brightness, try not to place it directly in front of a direct source of light).


Sources: Hogarmania and Decofilia

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