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Modern living rooms: design and ideas

Each one of us has a different idea of ​​what the ideal modern living room would look like. But if you explore the different decorating ideas for modern style salons, you will see that there are some common patterns. From the use of technology to create elegant lighting effects to the fresh and minimalist style of furniture, modern living rooms seek to be simple, orderly and functional. Modern living rooms give a feeling of spaciousness and tranquility, and their aesthetic practice makes them ideal for all kinds of activities: from their use for work or for reading, to enjoying a romantic night with ambient lighting.

From RARDO-Architects we want to share our experience in interior design with you and show some examples of our refurbishments in Sitges in Barcelona.

How do I design a modern living room?

Barcelona Sitges Home Renovation
Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

In case of doubt, bet to give a simple and orderly touch. Paintings and paintings of soft colors or pastel white hanging on the walls will help create a spacious and spacious environment. Choose to equip your living room with shiny metallic tables and chairs to give it a futuristic feel. Technology is always present in homes that have modern living rooms, because this is the perfect place to install a sound system or a flat screen TV. If you like art, why do not you finish designing your living room with some sculptures or modern works of art on the walls? This will allow you to create a modern and elegant living room without apparent effort, while showing your personality and tastes without looking messy at all. This type of modern design room creates a multipurpose space that is both relaxing and ideal to entertain guests in an easy and elegant way.

What should I take into account when decorating the living room walls?

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa
Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

The amplitude is also an important part of a modern room, so using light colors we will achieve that sense of space that we need. When choosing a color palette for your modern living room, think about what will be used primarily. It is very important to think about what we want the room to transmit. Clean white or fresh, sunny cakes are good for making the room look visually more spacious and spacious. If you want to place lighting on the wall, you can choose simple and functional accessories that can be regulated simply by operating a switch.

Design of a modern lounge for everyone


Everyone can enjoy the comforts and elegance of a modern living room. It does not matter if you live in an old country house or in an apartment that was built yesterday. A modern style living room can be created in each house, remember that there is no written rule on how to create a modern living room; Applying the principles of simplicity, spaciousness and futuristic design in your own way will allow you to create the modern living room of your dreams.

Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa
Barcelona Sitges Renovación de casa

Text source: Homify

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