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A new purpose for an old building in Sitges, Barcelona

This project consisted in the rehabilitation and preservation of an 1880’s building, to give a new purpose as office and residence. The intervention in this ground floor, disfigured through the years, supposed removing several layers of materials that were put over the original structure to leave only the original elements found in the house.

The unit has been divided in two different parts: the office part is situated in the public area, in the first corridor, acting as a barrier of privacity for the residential part, that opens to the interior patio. The residential area is equipped with an open plan kitchen and dining room; a bedroom separated of the rest of the house with a large piece of furniture that contains wardrobes and kitchen appliances such as wine fridge and freezer. there is also a fully equipped bathroom and a living room leading into the garden.

The living room has a 3 panel window that opens to the courtyard, making a seamless border between interior and exterior of the house. The flooring combines tiles and gravel to delimitate the spaces.


rardo architects in Sitges barcelona


rardo architects in Sitges barcelona III


rardo architects in Sitges barcelona garden view

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