Our RARDO-Architects office in Sitges was commissioned to develop a new concept for a hotel located opposite the port of Vilanova i la Geltrú, on the Barcelona coast of Garraf. Located on the main promenade of the town, close to numerous bars and restaurants, this family-owned hotel with excellent sea views wanted to maintain its traditional hotel feel, but be renovated to give its spaces a more contemporary feel with clean, simple lines throughout their rooms.



Maintaining the vertical communication nuclei, a proposal for action was prepared around them in which a new distribution of the existing rooms was developed, maintaining their number, but with slight modifications so that they could provide a more complete service to the clients staying in them.


Each of the new rooms has the same services, including a small workspace incorporated in the new open closet concept, made of high quality melanin. In addition to these, the two main rooms with sea views are redesigned as semi-suites with hydromassage incorporated into the room. Both the flooring material and the wall covering are tailored to the needs of every corner, using Krion to create a lining and skirting that allows the use of bathtubs without worrying about damaging the paint.


Our architects also worked together with the hotel property to create a multipurpose room on the ground floor, joining two of the existing dark rooms to create a new room, equipped with a gas fireplace, oak wood and lacquered furniture designed to measure by our Equipment and lighting to match, separated from the rest of the hotel by large metal and glass doors, which combine excellently with the hotel’s old decoration.


Our work included choosing a series of light color palettes combined with natural materials with a solid consistency to guarantee good durability of the premises, which would age gracefully and elegantly over time.

Arquitectos en Barcelona Rardo Architects in Barcelona and Sitges
Arquitectos en Barcelona Rardo Architects in Barcelona and Sitges
Arquitectos en Barcelona Rardo Architects in Barcelona and Sitges


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